Volunteer Committees

Awards Committee

Responsibilities may include selecting, ordering, organizing, displaying, coordinating presentation of awards, maintaining records pertinent to perpetual trophies, and developing procedures for perpetual trophies.

Banner / Signage Committee

Responsibilities may include organizing, displaying and/or removing banners, and packing all privately-owned banners for return as directed.  Accessing needs and preparation of all signage. May involved installation, removal, inventory, maintenance and storage of all signage.

Communications Committee

Responsibilities: Training Volunteers in radio protocol, disbursing and collecting transceivers.

Community Resources Committee

Responsible for: Assessing Event needs, identifying community resources and coordinating services and implementation.

Competitor Hospitality Committee

Responsibilities: Welcoming and assisting competitors upon arrival, providing light refreshments and water in the barn area, and assisting with communications among competitors, grooms and stable manager(s).

Cross Country Committee

Responsibilities: Conditioning and preparing the Cross Country Course for the competition, including flagging of the course and decorating the obstacles, and recruiting and training volunteers to run the Cross Country phase of the event.

Dressage Committee

Responsibilities: Recruiting Committee members, preparing the dressage site, setting up and breaking down arenas, preparing Scribes' boxes, equipping Judges' shelter, and running the Dressage phase.

Education Committee

Responsible for: Research and development of lectures and clinics.

Visitor Information Booth ; recruitment, training and scheduling of volunteers. Educational materials to include facts about various disciplines and HPNJ.

Fence Judge Committee

Responsibilities: Overseeing / supervising the operation of the Cross Country phase, including recruiting, training, equipping, and assigning all fence judges, as well as attending to the need of Cross Country personnel during the Cross Country phase.

Fundraising Committee

Responsible for: Development and implementation of a fund raising plan, tracking of monies received, preparation of tax letters, working in conjunction with Sponsor Coordinator regarding benefits for Underwriters / Sponsors

Grounds Committee

Responsible for: Assisting the property manager in maintaining gardens and landscaping as well as decorating with additional plants and flowers for specific events.

Grounds Operations / Shuttles

Responsible for: Assisting the Grounds Committee in all aspects, , arrangements for parking, traffic and movement of people and equipment, planning traffic routes for shuttles,

scheduling of drivers, and procurement of trucks/vans/wagons, etc.

Handicap Services Committee

Responsible for: Cataloging all handicap requests which may be phoned in to the Event Chairman and requesting necessary equipment (hearing devices, etc.) from city, in addition assistance, as needed, for the handicapped spectators during the Event.

Hospitality Committee

Responsible for: Development and implementation of all social functions during special events.

Information Technology Committee

Responsibilities: Developing and implementing ideas to keep the HPNJ related websites up to date and meeting the organization’s needs.

Program Committee

Responsible for: Design, coordination and publishing of official program.  Arrangements for delivery and distribution of programs.

Public Relations / Promotion / Marketing/sponsorship

development and implementation of successful Public Relations and Marketing strategies which will attract quality competitors and thousands of enthusiastic spectators under the direction of  official HPNJ sponsorship personnel.

Sales Committee

Responsible for: Research, design and procurement of HPNJ, Friends of HPNJ, and JFI items for sale at events, and online, organizing and staffing a sales booth during events.

Safety Coordination Committee

Responsible for: Planning and coordinating all accident assistance, both medical and veterinary with full knowledge and understanding of the needs and risks posed by stabling/parking and exercising/competition venues, terrain, over-lapping phases and spectator numbers expected. Development of Safety Plan for review by Technical Delegate. Works with and under supervision of Safety Coordinator.

Scoring Committee

Responsible for: Receiving, computing, accurately recording and posting all competitors' scores.

Spectator Information Committee

Responsible for: Development, organization, implementation and staffing of the Spectator Information area. Also responsible for development of spectator information staff manual, etc.

Stabling Committee

Responsible for: Diagramming, assigning, marking, of stalls, assessing condition of stalls, confirming garbage and manure disposal systems, developing systems for distribution of bedding and assembling a stabling bulletin board. Under direction of the event Stabling manager

Stadium Jumping Committee

Responsible for: Procurement of fences, set-up, decoration of Stadium Jumping course; recruitment, training and assignments of jump crew.

Ticket Sales Committee

Responsible for: Staffing of ticket sales personnel at designated location, receiving proceeds, record keeping and making scheduled deposits of collected proceeds to the appropriate HPNJ representative.

Timing Committee

Responsible for: Procurement of necessary equipment, timing, and recording of all competitors times for Cross Country and Stadium Jumping phases; recruitment and training of crew.

Vending Committee

Responsible for: Identifying, soliciting and selection of concessions/vendors, allocation of space and contract negotiation. In addition, assistance in set-up and staffing of area throughout events.

Volunteer Coordination CommitteeResponsible for: Recruitment and assignment of volunteers.  maintenance of volunteer contact information, tracking volunteer hours and staffing volunteer check in.

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